An enwrapping embrace
                              of warming water

                              Melting away your stress and fatigue

                              Relaxing you

                              WARM SPA

                              Embraces you in warmth
                              Helps you relax
                              Leaves you ready for rest


                              A relaxing vortex of water
                              that cleaness and massages


                              A rich, satisfying flow of water

                              Awakening your mind and body

                              Refreshing your spirit and
                              preparing you for a new day

                              COMFORT WAVE

                              Large droplets of water Richly dense Pleasing to the scalp
                              Luxurious sense of comfort.


                              Like a deep-tissue massage

                              Working on your tired muscles
                              and reconditioning your body

                              Revitalizing your energy
                              for your next challenge

                              ACTIVE WAVE

                              Stimulating to body and mind.
                              Awakening to the senses.

                              INTENSE WAVE

                              Working on your tired muscles and reconditioning your body

                              INTENSE WAVE+

                              Working on your tired muscles and reconditioning your body

                              MATTE BLACK

                              Stunning beauty and remarkable durability from PVD

                              This stunning Matte Black ?nish adds sophistication and depth to our elegant faucet designs.Its silky sheen and delicate color gradation create a sense of luxury like no other.

                              Our “shot-blast processing” forms a chrome plating by physical vapor deposition (PVD) on faucet ?xture surface irregularities.
                              The result is a gorgeous Matte Black ?nish with a lustrous sheen and ?ne color nuances.

                              LINE UP

                              Z Selection

                              A new style that crystallizes bold design and advanced technology.

                              THERMOSTATIC SHOWER COLUMN WITH SHELF

                                COMFORT WAVE

                                WARM SPA

                                SAFETY THERMO

                              G Selection

                              Choose your ideal showering experience at the touch of a switch.

                                COMFORT WAVE

                                WARM SPA

                                ACTIVE WAVE

                                SAFETY THERMO

                              L Selection

                              Intuitive operations make it easy
                              to get the showering experience you want

                                COMFORT WAVE

                                INTENSE WAVE




                              When our children start bathing on their own,
                              we cannot help but worry.
                              Will the water suddenly become too hot?
                              Or might they burn themselves on hot fixtures?
                              TOTO's safety features alleviate any
                              such concerns.

                              SAFETY THERMO

                              Prevents rapid rises in temperature for a safer bath time.

                              HEAT PROTECT

                              Prevents getting too hot and is beautifully shaped for a more pleasant daily bath time.

                              Easy to install

                              One of the most compact, miniaturized units in the industry supports the advanced features of this shower.
                              This allows easy bathroom upgrades without over-burdening current bathroom structures.

                              MINI UNIT

                              A compact unit offering freedom of choice for more beautiful bathrooms.