reddot award 2019 winner


                              ZN Series

                              ZA Series

                              Lightness and dignity in a natural shape
                              for a timeless design.

                              ZL Series

                              A precise, ultra-thin form delivers a tranquil,
                              keenly framed beauty.

                              reddot award 2019 winner

                              GE series

                              The beauty of traditional craft in a characteristic sculptural form.

                              reddot award 2019 winner

                              GC series

                              The breadth and symbolism of classical design in a contemporary form.

                              DESIGN AWARD 2019 reddot award 2019 winner

                              GM series

                              Bold parallel arches and reflective curves in an assertive design.

                              reddot winner 2020

                              GB series

                              The stately squareness and beveled edges imbue a space with dignity.

                              reddot winner 2020

                              GF series

                              The refined cylinder and fine finish inspire a high-end luxury feel.

                              reddot award 2018 winner

                              GA series

                              Subtle and sharp, this elegant, timeless design upgrades the everyday.

                              reddot award 2017 best of the best

                              GO series

                              Swelling and supple, the organic form leaves a graceful impression.

                              reddot award 2017 winner

                              GR series

                              The weight of a metal ingot cut at right angles tightens up a space.

                              reddot award 2018 winner

                              GS series

                              A modern design wrapping a relaxed, unassuming shape.

                              LB series

                              The simple beauty of a tree branch formed of smoothly curved cylinders.

                              LN series

                              A modern look with nostalgic charm that invites a time of elegance.

                              LC series

                              Formed entirely of curves to highlight textures while gently blending in.

                              LF series

                              Vigor and volume in a casual, compact design that flexibly brightens the space.

                              MATTE BLACK

                              Stunning beauty and remarkable durability from PVD

                              This stunning Matte Black ?nish adds sophistication and depth to our elegant faucet designs.Its silky sheen and delicate color gradation create a sense of luxury like no other.

                              Our “shot-blast processing” forms a chrome plating by physical vapor deposition (PVD) on faucet ?xture surface irregularities.
                              The result is a gorgeous Matte Black ?nish with a lustrous sheen and ?ne color nuances.

                              COMFORT GLIDE

                              Everyday ease-of-use
                              that is grounded
                              in the senses.

                              TOUCHLESS FAUCET

                              GE series

                              GC series

                              reddot award 2021 winner

                              GM series

                              reddot award 2021 winner

                              TLE23 series

                              reddot award 2021 winner best of best

                              TLE24 series

                              reddot award 2021 winner

                              TLE25 series

                              reddot award 2021 winner

                              TLE26 series

                              DESIGN AWERD 2021

                              TLE27 series

                              DESIGN AWERD 2021

                              TLE28 series

                              TLE29 series

                              TOUCHLESS FAUCET with EWATER+

                              DESIGN AWERD 2021

                              TLE30 series

                              DESIGN AWERD 2021

                              TLE31 series

                              TOUCHLESS SOAP DISPENSER

                              TLK07 series

                              TLK08 series

                              TLK09 series