ISH 2023
                              Messe Frankfurt
                              Thank you for visiting.
                              Thank you for visiting.

                              FROM THE PRESIDENT

                              Please come and see the evolution of TOTO's fusion of design and technology.

                              Greeting to you all.
                              Welcome to the ISH2023 TOTO booth.

                              It is a great pleasure to see you all here at "Forum", a special venue for our first face-to-face meeting in four years.

                              Under the corporate message "Life Anew", TOTO has been committed to creating an enriched and comfortable lifestyle and culture for more than 100 years.

                              The top theme ISH Water 2023 is 'Sustainable Bathrooms'.
                              TOTO has established the New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL 2030, TOTO will continue to contribute to the realization of a better future society that is environmentally friendly through the global diffusion of Sustainable Products realize cleanliness and comfort and protect the environment.

                              Please come and see the evolution of TOTO's fusion of design and technology in the exhibition hall filled with light and greenery.

                              TOTO LTD. President, Representative Director

                              BOOTH LAYOUT

                              TOTO BRAND
                              NEOREST GLOBAL LINEUP
                              NEOREST NX COLLECTIONS
                              SHOWER,WASHBASIN,FAUCET,COLOR & FINISH
                              PUBLIC RESTROOM

                              BOOTH LAYOUT

                              1   ENTRANCE
                              2   TOTO BRAND
                              3   NEOREST GLOBAL LINEUP
                              4   NEOREST,WASHLET,TOILET
                              5   TECHNOLOGY
                              6   INSTALLATION,SERVICE
                              7   NEOREST NX COLLECTIONS
                              8   SHOWER,WASHBASIN,FAUCET,COLOR & FINISH
                              9   BATHROOM
                              10   PUBLIC RESTROOM
                              11   LOUNGE

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                              POSTS FROM TOTO BOOTH

                              NEOREST? GLOBAL LINEUP

                              Highest grade of smart toilet that continues to evolve

                              PURE LUXURY
                              Introducing a product line that combines design and technology


                              Shower experience to suit your mood

                              Three showering experiences 'Relaxing', 'Refreshing' and 'Revitalising' and innovative showering technologies.

                              WASHLET? LINEUP

                              Wide variety of design variations

                              Introducing models that will be unveiled for the first time at ISH and a wide lineup

                              PRESS RELEASE

                              We would like to hear from you.

                              WASHLET and NEOREST are registered trademark of TOTO LTD.